One day a famous mathematician called all the numbers for  a meeting.Surprisingly Zero was absent.They searched and searched and finally found him in a bush.Numbers 1 to 9 caught hold of zero and brought him to the meeting.

why were you hiding, Zero? asked the Mathematician.
Sir, I am only zero. Nobody values me.I was so sad that I hid myself,replied Zero.
The mathematician thought for a while, and asked number 1 to stand in front of the group.
what is his value?? asked the mathematician.
one, came the reply.
Then he made Zero stand to the right of one and asked what is the value of this number???
Ten, said all the numbers.
Now you see Zero,Number One was not as valuable.But when you stood next to One, you can make its value increase to ten,thousand and lakh.We all have a value.You do your part and you become valuable.

From that day Zero did not think that he was useless.He thought, If  I do my little part to the best of my ability,I am doing something worthwhile.Besides when I join hands with others, the value of each of us increases. We work better when we work  together.


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